Acanthophrynus Kraepelin, 1899


Original name: Acanthophrynus

Gender: masculine


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Genus type

Phrynopsis spinifrons Pocock, 1894, by original designation (see Pocock, 1894d: 275).

Taxonomic references
Acanthophrynus Kraepelin:
Kraepelin, 1899a: 241 original description
Pocock, 1902c: 56–57
Comstock, 1913: 20
Mello-Leitão, 1931: 45
Pratt, 1935: 476
Werner, 1935a: 475
Quintero, 1980a: 341
Weygoldt, 2000a: 26
Harvey, 2003c: 22 (replacement name for Phrynopsis Pocock, 1894)

Phrynopsis Pocock, 1894 -- Kraepelin, 1895: 21
Pocock, 1894d: 286 original description
Kraepelin, 1895: 21 (junior homonym of Phrynopsis Fitzinger, 1843 [Reptilia] and Phrynopsis Pfeffer, 1893 [Amphibia])
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2024-04-18 Genus updated Old value
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