Values before 2022-04-06
Nameaustralianus elegans
Authority year2006
Authority parentheses0
Is fossil0
Taxon ranksubspecies
Taxon statusaccepted
Genus gender
Original combinationCharinus australianus elegans
Type repository
Parent taxonID: 77
Name: Charinus
Additional taxon dataRealm:
Locus typicus: Grotte d'Adio, ca. 2 km N. of Poya, Province Sud, New Caledonia.
Age: CAINOZOIC: Holocene
Etymology: Named for its appearance (elegans, Latin, tasteful, choice, fine, select)
Taxon comment:
Country: NCL
Distribution comment:
Locus typicusLatitude: -21.333333
Longitude: 165.166666
Location name: 2 km N. of Poya
Subgenus idID: