Values before 2024-02-15
Authority year1947
Authority parentheses1
Is fossil0
Taxon rankspecies
Taxon statusnomen_dubium
Genus gender
Original combinationOligacanthophrynus guianensis
Type repositoryType info: Protonymph, (MZUF 1798)
Type: Holotype
Type repository: Museo di Storia Naturale, Università degli Studi di Firenze (MZUF), Florence, Italy (1798)
Parent taxonID: 77
Name: Charinus
Additional taxon dataRealm:
Locus typicus: Castra Marlissa, on Rio Berbice, Upper Demerara-berbice, Guyana.

Not specified by the author, but appears to be an adjective referring to Guyana, the country in which the type locality is located.

Taxon comment: Due to the uncertainty regarding the systematics of the species in the Guianas and Surinam, it is presently impossible to determine the identity of C. guianensis, and shall remain so until adult specimens are collected at the type locality (Miranda et al. 2021).
Country: GUY
Distribution comment:
Locus typicusLatitude: 4.9
Longitude: -58.25
Location name: Marlissa River
Subgenus idID: