Phrynichus exophthalmus Whittick, 1940


Original combination: Phrynichus exophthalmus


Taxonomic references

Phrynichus exophthalmus Whittick:

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Not Phrynichus bacillifer (Gerstaecker):

Lawrence, 1969b: 81, 86 (misidentification, in part)

Not Myodalis scabra (Gervais):

Lawrence, 1969b: 81, 86 (misidentification, in part)

Distribution table

Realm: Africa

Congo - Brazzaville
Type locality: 25 miles E. of Kribi, Sud, Cameroon.


Locality Lat Lon
1 25 miles E. of Kribi 2.93333 9.95
Type repository
  • Holotype British Museum of Natural History (BMNH) (= NHM, Natural History Museum), London, UK Male (uncertain)
Zoobank LSID


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