Paraphrynus macrops (Pocock, 1894)


Original combination: Tarantula macrops


Taxonomic references

Tarantula macrops Pocock:

Pocock, 1894d: 281–282, plate 7, figs. 3, 3a original description

Neophrynus fuscimanus (C.L. Koch):

Kraepelin, 1895: 25 (in part)

Tarantula fuscimana (C.L. Koch):

Kraepelin, 1899a: 243 (in part)

Hemiphrynus macrops (Pocock):

Pocock, 1902c: 53
Mello-Leitão, 1931: 45

Paraphrynus macrops (Pocock):

Mullinex, 1975: 12–13, figs. 9, 10a–g
Harvey, 2003c: 24

Distribution table
South America
Type locality: South America.
Type repository
  • Holotype undefined Male [dry example]
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