Taxa included

Jennings, J.T., Austin, A.D., Davies, K.A., Harvey, M.S., Hirst, D.B. & Taylor, G.S. (2009). Terrestrial invertebrates. In: Jennings, J.T. (ed.) Natural history of the Riverland and Murraylands Royal Society of South Australia Inc., Adelaide: 306–333.

Oratemnus punctatus (L. Koch and Keyserling, 1885) (Pseudoscorpiones: Atemnidae) 315, Oratemnus punctatus (L. Koch and Keyserling)
Geogarypus taylori Harvey, 1986 (Pseudoscorpiones: Geogarypidae) 315, Geogarypus taylori
Synsphyronus mimulus Chamberlin, 1943 (Pseudoscorpiones: Garypidae) 315, Synsphyronus mimulus Chamberlin
Synsphyronus niger Hoff, 1947 (Pseudoscorpiones: Garypidae) 315, Synsphyronus niger Hoff
Synsphyronus dewae Beier, 1969 (Pseudoscorpiones: Garypidae) 315, Synsphyronus dewae Beier