Taxa included

Reddell, J.R. (1971a). A preliminary bibliography of Mexican cave biology with a checklist of published records. Bulletin of the Association for Mexican Cave Studies 3: 1–184.

Lustrochernes minor Chamberlin, 1938 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) 26, Lustrochernes minor
Albiorix bolivari Beier, 1963 (Pseudoscorpiones: Ideoroncidae) 27, (as Albiorex [sic] bolivari [sic]), Albiorix bolivari
Tyrannochthonius troglobius Muchmore, 1969 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tyrannochthonius troglobius
Leucohya heteropoda Chamberlin, 1946 (Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae) 27, Leucohya heteropoda
Tridenchthonius juxtlahuaca Chamberlin and Chamberlin, 1945 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tridenchthonius juxtlahuaca
Vachonium boneti Chamberlin, 1947 (Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae) 27, Vachonium boneti
Paravachonium bolivari Beier, 1956 (Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae) 27, Paravachonium bolivari
Troglohya carranzai Beier, 1956 (Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae) 27, Troglohya carranzai
Parazaona cavicola Chamberlin, 1938 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) 27, Parazaona cavicola
Ideoblothrus maya (Chamberlin, 1938) (Pseudoscorpiones: Syarinidae) 27, Pachychitra maya
Vachonium maya Chamberlin, 1947 (Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae) 28, Vachonium maya