Taxa included

Dubinin, V.B. (1962). [Chelicerophora]. In: Rodendorf, B.B. (ed.) [Fundamentals of paleontology] Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow: 375–530.

Ricinoides feae (Hansen, 1921) (Ricinulei: Ricinoididae) n/a, fig. 1287, Ricinoides feae (Hansen)
Terpsicroton alticeps (Pocock, 1911) (Ricinulei: Poliocheridae) n/a, fig. 1284 (as Polyochera [sic] alticeps), Poliochera alticeps
Curculioides ansticii Buckland, 1837 (Ricinulei: Curculioididae) n/a, fig. 1285, Curculioides ansticii
Amarixys sulcata (Melander, 1903) (Ricinulei: Curculioididae) n/a, fig. 1286, Curculioides sulcatus (Melander)
Ricinulei Thorell, 1876 443–444, Ricinulei
Curculioididae Cockerell, 1916 (Ricinulei) 444, Curculioididae
Poliocheridae Scudder, 1884 (Ricinulei) 444, (as Polyocheridae [sic]), Poliocheridae