Pseudocellus Platnick, 1980


Original name: Pseudocellus

Gender: n/a


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Genus type

Cryptocellus dorotheae Gertsch and Mulaik, 1939, by original designation.

Taxonomic references
Platnick, 1980: 352 original description
Harvey, 2003c: 180
Botero-Trujillo, Davis, Michalik and Prendini, 2022: 493
Zoobank LSID


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Botero-Trujillo, R., Davis, S.R., Michalik, P. & Prendini, L. (2022). Hirsutisoma grimaldii sp. nov., a ca. 99-million-year-old ricinuleid (Primoricinulei, Hirsutisomidae) from Cretaceous Burmese amber with a corticolous, scansorial lifestyle. Palaeoentomology 005(5): 493-504. doi: -- Show included taxa

Date Type Reference Old value
2022-12-08 New taxonomic reference entry Botero-Trujillo, Davis, Michalik and Prendini, 2022