Hirsutisoma dentata Wunderlich, 2017


Original combination: Hirsutisoma dentata

LSID urn:lsid:wac.nmbe.ch:name:ca488c79-d0b6-4f3e-83bd-b21f31d6a071

Taxonomic references

Hirsutisoma dentata Wunderlich, 2017:

Wunderlich, 2017: 57-58, figs 27-28, plates 21-22 original description
Selden and Ren, 2017: 329, table 1
Botero-Trujillo, Davis, Michalik and Prendini, 2022: 495, 500

Distribution table

Realm: Asia

Myanmar (amber fossil, Lower Cretaceous)
Type locality: Hukawng Valley, Myitkyina District, Kachin State, Myanmar.


Locality Lat Lon
1 26.5 96.583333
Type repository
  • Holotype Private Collection Patrick Müller (BUB-76) Female

Wunderlich, J. (2017). New extinct taxa of the arachnid order Ricinulei, based on new fossils preserved in mid Cretaceous Burmese amber. Beiträge zur Araneologie 10: 48–71. -- Show included taxa

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Botero-Trujillo, R., Davis, S.R., Michalik, P. & Prendini, L. (2022). Hirsutisoma grimaldii sp. nov., a ca. 99-million-year-old ricinuleid (Primoricinulei, Hirsutisomidae) from Cretaceous Burmese amber with a corticolous, scansorial lifestyle. Palaeoentomology 005(5): 493-504. doi: https://doi.org/10.11646/palaeoentomology.5.5.11 -- Show included taxa

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2022-12-08 Taxonomic reference update Botero-Trujillo, Davis, Michalik and Prendini, 2022
2022-12-08 New taxonomic reference entry Botero-Trujillo, Davis, Michalik and Prendini, 2022
2022-12-08 Species updated Old value
2022-09-13 New taxonomic reference entry Selden and Ren, 2017
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