Values before 2022-09-15
AuthorFramenau, Hamilton, Finston, Humphreys, Abrams, Huey and Harvey
Authority year2018
Authority parentheses0
Is fossil0
Taxon rankspecies
Taxon statusaccepted
Genus gender
Original combinationParadraculoides obrutus
Type repositoryType info: Female
Type: Holotype
Type repository: WAM (T54175)
Type info: Female
Type: Paratype
Type repository: WAM (T98320)
Parent taxonID: 835
Name: Paradraculoides
Additional taxon dataRealm:
Locus typicus: Kens Bore, site KBRC023, Western Australia, Australia
Habitat: Subterranean

he specific epithet refers to the discovery of this species only by molecular methods (obrutus, Latin, buried, hidden)

Taxon comment:
Country: AUS
Distribution comment: (Western Australia)
Locus typicusLatitude: -22.061861
Longitude: 116.195636
Location name:
Subgenus idID: 0