Values before 2022-09-15
AuthorAbrams and Harvey
Authority year2020
Authority parentheses0
Is fossil0
Taxon rankspecies
Taxon statusaccepted
Genus gender
Original combinationDraculoides piscivultus
Type repositoryType info: Male (WAM T143346)
Type: Holotype
Type repository: Western Australian Museum (WAM), Perth, Australia
Type info: 1 female (WAM T143619), 1 male (WAM T143357), 1 female (WAM T143354)
Type: Paratype
Type repository: Western Australian Museum (WAM), Perth, Australia
Parent taxonID: 635
Name: Draculoides
Additional taxon dataRealm:
Locus typicus: ca. 23.5 km SW. of Pannawonica, Western AustraliaAustralia
Etymology: The specific epithet is an adjective referring to the appearance of the male flagellum in lateral view, which resembles a fish head (piscis, Latin, fish; vultus, Latin, countenance, face, look, aspect).
Taxon comment:
Country: AUS
Distribution comment:
Locus typicusLatitude: -21.804172
Longitude: 116.158853
Location name:
Subgenus idID: