Artacarus liberiensis Cook, 1899


Original combination: Artacarus liberiensis


Genus type of Artacarus Cook, 1899

Taxonomic references

Artacarus liberiensis Cook:

Kraepelin, 1897a: 51, 52 (nomen nudum)

Artacarus liberiensis

Cook, 1899: 254–255 original description
Reddell and Cokendolpher, 1995: 63, fig. 40
Harvey, 2003c: 105

Schizomus liberiensis (Cook):

Kraus, 1960: 104–105, figs 1–5
Lawrence, 1969a: 230–232, figs 3a–c
Cokendolpher and Reddell, 1987: 138–139, figs 1–2

Trithyreus liberiensis (Cook):

Rowland, 1973a: 198

Distribution table
Côte d'Ivoire?
Type locality: Mount Coffee, Montserrado, Liberia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Mount Coffee 6.483333 -10.65
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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