Schizomus tenuipes Lawrence, 1969


Original combination: Schizomus tenuipes


Taxonomic references

Schizomus tenuipes

Lawrence, 1969a: 245–246, figs 9a–i original description
Lawrence, 1969c: n/a, figs 2Be, 2Ca, 3h
Rowland and Reddell, 1977: 80
Georgescu, 1994: 239
Harvey, 2003c: 122

Trithyreus tenuipes (Lawrence):

Rowland, 1973a: 199

Schizomus"" tenuipes Lawrence:

Reddell and Cokendolpher, 1995: 55

Distribution table
Mauritius (Rodriguez)
Type locality: Caverne Patates, Rodriguez, Mauritius.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Caverne Patates -19.755 63.387222
Type repository
  • Holotype female, 3 paratype females (1 immature) (MNHN)
Zoobank LSID


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