Galeodes sulfuripes Roewer, 1934


Original combination: Galeodes sulfuripes


Taxonomic references

Galeodes sulfuripes

Roewer, 1934: 532 original description
Zilch, 1946: 147
Amitai, Levy and Shulov, 1962: 156–159, figs 1–3
Levy and Shulov, 1964: 109–110
Cloudsley-Thompson, 1968: 118
Cloudsley-Thompson, 1977: 67
Harvey, 2003c: 271
Pandram and Sharma, 2018: 140

Distribution table
Type locality: W. Mosul, Nīnawā, Iraq.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Mosul 36.333333 43.133333
Type repository

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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-10-20 New taxonomic reference entry Pandram and Sharma, 2018