Galeodes indicus Pocock, 1900


Original combination: Galeodes indicus


Taxonomic references

Galeodes fatalis (Lichtenstein):

Pocock, 1895b: 441, plate A fig. 2, plate B fig. 1a (misidentification, in part)

Galeodes indicus

Pocock, 1900b: 142–143, figs 49a–c original description
Simon, 1905b: 162
Hirst, 1908: 243
Fischer, 1910a: 886–887
Gravely, 1915c: 532
Roewer, 1934: 527–528
Whittick, 1939: 446–447
Zilch, 1946: 145
Tikader, 1973: 264
Harvey, 2003c: 264
Bastawade, 2004b: 310–311
Bastawade, 2005: 418–419
Bastawade, 2006: 307–308
Bano and Roy, 2016: 8623–8625, figs. 1–3

Galeodes orientalis Stoliczka:

Simon, 1905b: 162 (misidentification)

Galeodes indicus obscurior Pocock, 1900 -- synonymised by Whittick, 1939: 447
Galeodes indicus obscurior
Pocock, 1900b: 143 original description
Tikader, 1973: 264 (synonymised by Whittick, 1939: 447)
Distribution table
Type locality: Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Bilaspur 22.083333 82.15
Type repository
  • of <i>Galeodes indicus obscurior</i>: Syntypes: 3 female (BMNH)
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2022-06-07 Taxonomic reference update Bano and Roy, 2016
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