Hemerotrecha denticulata Muma, 1951


Original combination: Hemerotrecha denticulata

LSID urn:lsid:wac.nmbe.ch:name:609a28a7-9fc9-4999-816e-731e7e0d9b83

Taxonomic references

Hemerotrecha denticulata

Muma, 1951: 105–106, figs 211–216 original description
Gering, 1956: 50
Muma, 1962: 32
Muma, 1963: 1
Muma, 1970a: 39
Allred and Muma, 1971: 165
Brookhart, 1972: 33
Muma, 1974a: 8
Muma, 1976: 21
Muma and Muma, 1988: 27
Muma, 1989: 39
Scudder, 1994: 10
Harvey, 2003c: 253
Brookhart and Brookhart, 2006: 321
Cushing and Brookhart, 2019: 73-75

Distribution table
Canada (British Columbia)
US (California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Washington)
Type locality: Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Reno 39.533333 -119.816666
Type repository
  • Holotype male (AMNH)

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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-10-21 New taxonomic reference entry Cushing and Brookhart, 2019