Solpuga scenica Lichtenstein, 1797


Original combination: Solpuga scenica


Taxonomic references

Solpuga scenica

Lichtenstein in Lichtenstein and Herbst, 1797: 46–50 original description
Gervais, 1844: 89
Butler, 1873d: 422
Pavesi, 1876: 73
Pavesi, 1878: 363
152, Simon, 1879x (reference missing)
Kraepelin, 1901a: 81
Harvey, 2003c: 308 (as nomen dubium)
Alexiou, 2014: 11, (as nomen dubium)
Guariento, Devincenzo, Schifani, Russo, Moretto and Sarà, 2018: 200

Distribution table
Greece (mainland and Crete)
Italy (mainland)
Type locality: Greece. Greece. Sardinia, Italy. Puglia (as Apulia), Italy.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Greece (IMPRECISE) 39 22
2 Greece (IMPRECISE) 39 22
3 Sardinia (IMPRECISE) 40 9
4 Puglia 41 16.5
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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Date Type Reference Old value
2023-01-20 New taxonomic reference entry Guariento, Devincenzo, Schifani, Russo, Moretto and Sarà, 2018
2023-01-12 Taxonomic reference update Alexiou, 2014
2023-01-12 Taxonomic reference update Alexiou, 2014
2023-01-12 New taxonomic reference entry Alexiou, 2014