Taxa included

Butler, A.G. (1879). Respecting a new distinction between the species of the genus Phrynus of authors. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (5) 4: 313–316.

Charon grayi (Gervais, 1842) (Amblypygi: Charontidae) 314, (as Phrynus grayii), Phrynus grayi Gervais
Phrynichus scaber (Gervais, 1844) (Amblypygi: Phrynichidae) 314, Phrynus scaber Gervais
Phrynus kochii Butler, 1873 (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 314, (synonymised by Simon, 1885d: 385), Phrynus kochii Butler
Phrynus bassamensis Lucas, 1858 (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 314, (synonymized by Simon, 1885d: 385), Phrynus bassamensis Lucas
Phrynus palmatum Herbst, 1797 (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 314, 315, Phrynus palmatus (Herbst)
Phrynus fuscimanus C.L. Koch, 1847 (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 314, Phrynus fuscimanus C.L. Koch
Damon annulatipes (Wood, 1869) (Amblypygi: Phrynichidae) 314, Phrynus annulatipes Wood
Phrynichus lunatus (Pallas, 1772) (Amblypygi: Phrynichidae) 314, Phrynus lunatus (Pallas)
Damon medius (Herbst, 1797) (Amblypygi: Phrynichidae) 314, Phrynus medius (Herbst)
Heterophrynus longicornis (Butler, 1873) (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 315, Phrynus longicornis Butler
Acanthophrynus coronatus (Butler, 1873) (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 315, Phrynus coronatus Butler
Phrynichus reniformis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Amblypygi: Phrynichidae) 315, Phrynus reniformis (Linnaeus)
Damon variegatus (Perty, 1834) (Amblypygi: Phrynichidae) 315, Phrynus variegatus Perty
Heterophrynus gorgo (Wood, 1869) (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 315, Phrynus gorgo Wood
Heterophrynus cheiracanthus (Gervais, 1842) (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 315, Phrynus cheiracanthus Gervais
Heterophrynus batesii (Butler, 1873) (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 315, Phrynus batesii Butler
Phrynus whitei Gervais, 1842 (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 315, Phrynus whitei Gervais
Phrynus granulosus Butler, 1873 (Amblypygi: Phrynidae) 315, (synonymised by Pocock, 1894d: 290), Phrynus granulosus Butler