Taxa included

Harvey, M.S. (1989a). Two new cavernicolous chthoniids from Australia, with notes on the generic placement of the south-western Pacific species attributed to the genera Paraliochthonius Beier and Morikawia Chamberlin (Pseudoscorpionida: Chthoniidae). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 8: 21–29.

Lagynochthonius mordor Harvey, 1989 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 21–23, figs 1–9, Lagynochthonius mordor
Lagynochthonius Beier, 1951 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 21, Lagynochthonius Beier
Tyrannochthonius Chamberlin, 1929 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 23, Tyrannochthonius
Tyrannochthonius rex Harvey, 1989 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 23–25, figs 10–19, Tyrannochthonius rex
Tyrannochthonius caecatus (Beier, 1976) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 25, Tyrannochthonius caecatus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius cavernicola (Beier, 1976) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 25, Tyrannochthonius cavernicola (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius cavicola (Beier, 1967) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 25–26, Tyrannochthonius cavicola (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius nanus (Beier, 1966) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 26–27, Tyrannochthonius nanus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius luxtoni (Beier, 1967) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 26, Tyrannochthonius luxtoni (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius kermadecensis (Beier, 1976) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 26, Tyrannochthonius kermadecensis (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius horridus (Beier, 1976) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 26, Tyrannochthonius horridus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius densedentatus (Beier, 1967) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 26, Tyrannochthonius densedentatus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius grimmeti Chamberlin, 1929 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 26, Tyrannochthonius grimmeti
Tyrannochthonius semihorridus (Beier, 1969) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tyrannochthonius semihorridus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius norfolkensis (Beier, 1976) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tyrannochthonius norfolkensis (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius philippinus (Beier, 1966) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tyrannochthonius philippinus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius queenslandicus (Beier, 1969) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tyrannochthonius queenslandicus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius troglophilus (Beier, 1968) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tyrannochthonius troglophilus (Beier)
Tyrannochthonius wlassicsi (Daday, 1897) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27–28, Tyrannochthonius wlassicsi (Daday)
Tyrannochthonius zonatus (Beier, 1964) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 27, Tyrannochthonius zonatus (Beier)