Pseudochthonius Balzan, 1892


Original name: Chthonius

Gender: masculine


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Genus type

Chthonius (Pseudochthonius) simoni Balzan, 1892, by monotypy.

Taxonomic references
Chthonius (Pseudochthonius)
Balzan, 1892: 546 original description
Chamberlin, 1925b: 338
Pseudochthonius Balzan:
Chamberlin, 1929a: 69
Chamberlin, 1929d: 154
Chamberlin, 1929e: 173–175
Beier, 1932a: 66–67
Beier, 1959d: 18
Hoff, 1963c: 6
Muchmore, 1977: 64
Muchmore, 1986b: 19
Harvey, 1991a: 195
Harvey, 1996a: 256

Typhlochthonius Ellingsen, 1902 -- Chamberlin, 1929e: 173
Chthonius (Typhlochthonius)
Ellingsen, 1902b: 164 (synonymised by Chamberlin, 1929e: 173) original description
Chamberlin, 1925b: 338 (as Chthonius (Typlochthonius) [sic])
Typhlochthonius Ellingsen:
Chamberlin, 1929a: 76 (as Typlochthonius [sic])
Sigmodactylus Hadži, 1930 -- Judson, 1992b:
Chthonius (Sigmodactylus)
Hadži, 1930b: 140 (synonymised by Judson, 1992b) original description
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