Archeolarca Hoff and Clawson, 1952


Original name: Archeolarca

Gender: feminine


Genus type

Archeolarca rotunda Hoff and Clawson, 1952, by original designation.

Junior synonym of: Larca Chamberlin, 1930

Taxonomic references
Hoff and Clawson, 1952: 2–3 (synonymized by Harvey and Wynne, 2014: 207) original description
Hoff, 1956b: 44
Benedict and Malcolm, 1978a: 118
Harvey, 1991a: 236
Muchmore, 1992: 138
Zoobank LSID


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Date Type Reference Old value
2023-10-22 Taxonomic reference update Hoff and Clawson, 1952
2023-10-22 Taxonomic reference update Muchmore, 1992