Pachyolpium Beier, 1931


Original name: Pachyolpium

Gender: neuter


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Genus type

Pachyolpium reimoseri Beier, 1931c, by original designation.

Taxonomic references
Beier, 1931c: 310 original description
Beier, 1932a: 193
Hoff, 1945f: 2–3
Hoff, 1964a: 26
Harvey, 1991a: 295
Tooren, 2002a: 146–147
Tooren, 2002b: 452
Tooren, 2011a: 170
Barba D., 2020: 83
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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-07-02 New taxonomic reference entry Barba D., 2020
2022-04-21 Genus updated Old value