Megachernes titanius Beier, 1951


Original combination: Megachernes titanius


Taxonomic references

Megachernes titanius

Beier, 1951a: 93–95, figs 28–29 original description
Beier, 1967g: 355, fig. 15
Harvey, 1991a: 601
Judson, 1997a: 43
Jędryczkowski, 1998: 189
Zhao, Zhang, Jia and Zhu, 2011: 35
Harvey, Ratnaweera, Udagama and Wijesinghe, 2012: 2531

Megachernes cf. titanius Beier:

Schawaller, 1995b: 1060

Distribution table

Realm: Indo-Malaya; Palearctic

China (Yunnan?)
Type locality: Núi Lang Bian (Lang Bian Peaks), Lâm Dong, Vietnam.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Núi Lang Bian 12 108.416666
Type repository
  • Syntypes: 1 male, 1 female (BMNH 1924.Beier, M. (1963f). Die Pseudoscorpioniden-Fauna Israels und einiger angrenzender Gebiete. <i>Israel Journal of Zoology</i> <b>12</b>: 183–212. .27.21–22)
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