Ephippiochthonius kewi (Gabbutt, 1966)


Original combination: Chthonius (Ephippiochthonius) kewi

LSID urn:lsid:wac.nmbe.ch:name:351bf6fc-f473-4e81-825b-bdeaa3285f04

Taxonomic references

Chthonius (Ephippiochthonius) kewi

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Chthonius (Ephippiochthonius) tetrachelatus (Preyssler):

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Ephippiochthonius kewi (Gabbutt, 1966):

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Distribution table

Realm: Palearctic

Portugal (Azores)?
Type locality: Colne Point, near St Osyth, Essex, England, United Kingdom.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Colne Point 51.766666 1.05
Type repository
  • undefined Holotype male, Allotype female, Paratypes: 3 male, 3 female (BMNH)

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