Lagynochthonius australicus (Beier, 1966)


Original combination: Tyrannochthonius (Lagynochthonius) australicus


Taxonomic references

Tyrannochthonius (Lagynochthonius) australicus

Beier, 1966a: 284–285, fig. 4 original description

Tyrannochthonius australicus Beier:

Beier, 1975b: 203

Lagynochthonius australicus (Beier):

Harvey, 1981b: 240
Harvey, 1985d: 138
Harvey, 1991a: 183
Postle, Majer and Bell, 1991: 196
Benavides, Cosgrove, Harvey and Giribet, 2019: 3, 4, figs 3, 4

Distribution table

Realm: Australasia

Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia)
Type locality: Denmark, Western Australia, Australia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Denmark -34.966666 117.35
Type repository

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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-07-03 New taxonomic reference entry Benavides, Cosgrove, Harvey and Giribet, 2019