Apatochernes cheliferoides Beier, 1948


Original combination: Apatochernes cheliferoides

LSID urn:lsid:wac.nmbe.ch:name:c7b00c24-bbf6-495e-a8c2-74ce6df3d16e

Genus type of Apatochernes Beier, 1948

Taxonomic references

Apatochernes cheliferoides

Beier, 1948c: 542–543, fig. 8 original description
Beier, 1976f: 235
Harvey, 1991a: 545
Judson, 1997a: 13
Sirvid, Zhang, Harvey, Rhode, Cook, Bartsch and Staples, 2010: 89

Not Apatochernes cheliferoides Beier:

Beier, 1969e: 414 (misidentification; see Nesochernes gracilis Beier)

Distribution table

Realm: Australasia

New Zealand
Type locality: Hollyford River, Southland, South Island, New Zealand.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Hollyford River (1000 feet - see Beier, 1948) -44.816666 168.1
Type repository
Zoobank LSID



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