Bisetocreagris annamensis (Beier, 1951)


Original combination: Microcreagris annamensis


Genus type of Bisetocreagris Ćurčić, 1983

Taxonomic references

Microcreagris annamensis

Beier, 1951a: 64–65, fig. 11 original description

Bisetocreagris annamensis (Beier):

Ćurčić, 1983a: 25–26, figs 5, 8, 17
Harvey, 1991a: 331
Schawaller, 1994: 737–739
Schawaller, 1995b: 1051–1052, figs 14–15
Jędryczkowski, 1998: 185
Zhao, Zhang, Jia and Zhu, 2011: 32

Bisetocreagris aff. annamensis (Beier):

Dashdamirov, 2012: 107, figs 4j-m

Distribution table

Realm: Indo-Malaya; Palearctic

China (Yunnan)
Type locality: Núi Lang Bian (as Plateau von Langbian), Lâm Dong, Vietnam.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Núi Lang Bian 12 108.416666
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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