Lissocreagris persephone (Chamberlin, 1962)


Original combination: Microcreagris persephone


Taxonomic references

Microcreagris persephone

Chamberlin, 1962: 348–350, figs 17a–b original description
Muchmore, 1969a: 7

Lissocreagris persephone (Chamberlin):

Ćurčić, 1981b: 104, fig. 6
Ćurčić, 1984b: 152
Peck, 1989: 20
Harvey, 1991a: 337

Distribution table

Realm: Nearctic

US (Alabama)
Type locality: Davidson Cave, 4 miles S. of Guntersville, Marshall County, Alabama, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 4 miles S. of Guntersville 34.3 -86.3
Type repository
  • Holotype female (AMNH, JC-1257.01001)
Zoobank LSID


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