Parachernes (Parachernes) plumosus (With, 1908)


Original combination: Chelifer plumosus

Subgenus Parachernes


Taxonomic references

Chelifer plumosus

With, 1908a: 279–280, figs 20a–e original description

Parachernes (Argentochernes) plumosus (With):

Beier, 1932e: 120–121, fig. 136
Roewer, 1937: 295

Parachernes plumosus (With):

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Parachernes (Parachernes) plumosus (With):

Harvey, 1991a: 618
Mahnert, Di Iorio, Turienzo and Porta, 2011: 19
Bedoya-Roqueme, 2019: 28–29, figs 2i, 14b

Distribution table

Realm: Neotropic

Brazil (Amazonas, Roraima)
Ecuador (mainland)
Type locality: Moca (as La Moka), Miranda, Venezuela.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Moca 10.333333 -66.6
Type repository
  • undefined Holotype female (ZMUC)
Zoobank LSID


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