Conicochernes brevispinosus (L. Koch and Keyserling, 1885)


Original combination: Chelifer brevispinosus


Genus type of Conicochernes Beier, 1948

Taxonomic references

Chelifer brevispinosus

Koch and Keyserling, 1885: 46–47, plate 4 figs 4, 4a–b original description
With, 1905: 110
Froggatt, 1935: 119, fig. 49

Haplochernes brevispinosus (L. Koch and Keyserling):

Beier, 1932e: 111
Chamberlin, 1934b: 9
Roewer, 1937: 295

Thalassochernes brevispinosus (L. Koch and Keyserling):

Beier, 1940a: 182

Conicochernes brevispinosus (L. Koch and Keyserling):

Beier, 1948c: 533–535, fig. 5
Beier, 1966a: 297
Harvey, 1981b: 246
Harvey, 1985d: 134
Harvey, 1991a: 563–564
Judson, 1997a: 12

Chelifer keyserlingi With, 1907 -- synonymised by Beier, 1954b: 24
Chelifer keyserlingi
With, 1907: 53–55, figs 3–5 original description
Judson, 1997a: 22–23 (as synonym of Conicochernes brevispinosus (L. Koch and Keyserling)) (synonymised by Beier, 1954b: 24);
Haplochernes keyserlingi (With):
Beier, 1932e: 112
Chamberlin, 1934b: 9
Roewer, 1937: 295
Chelifer (Lamprochernes) silvestrii Beier, 1930 -- synonymised by Beier, 1948c: 533
Chelifer (Lamprochernes) silvestrii
Beier, 1930d: 198–199, figs 2a–b (synonymised by Beier, 1948c: 533) original description
Austrochernes silvestrii (Beier):
Beier, 1932e: 171, fig. 179
Chamberlin, 1934b: 10
Roewer, 1937: 301
Distribution table

Realm: Australasia

Australia (Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria)
Type locality: Gayndah, Queensland, Australia. Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. Peak Downs (as Peack Downs), Queensland, Australia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Gayndah -25.616666 151.616666
2 Rockhampton, Peak Downs -23.383333 150.483333
3 ? -22.933333 148.083333
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