Verrucachernes indicus (Beier, 1974)


Original combination: Pselaphochernes indicus


Taxonomic references

Pselaphochernes indicus

Beier, 1974e: 1011–1012, fig. 7 original description
Murthy and Ananthakrishnan, 1977: 140
Harvey, 1991a: 626

Verrucachernes indicus (Beier):

Romero-Ortiz and Harvey, 2019: 339-342, figs 1–10

Not Pselaphochernes indicus Beier:

Schawaller, 1991b: 786, fig. 1 (misidentification; see Verrucachernes oca)
Schawaller, 1994: 754–755, figs 71–72 (misidentification; see Verrucachernes oca)

Distribution table

Realm: Indo-Malaya

Type locality: 6 km E. of Coonoor, Nilgiri, Chennai (as Madras), Tamil Nadu, India.


Locality Lat Lon
1 6 km E. of Coonoor 11.35 76.85
Type repository
  • undefined Holotype male (MHNG); allotype female (MHNG); paratypes: 8 males, 18 females, 2 nymphs (MHNG, NHMW)

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2022-04-07 Species updated Old value
2022-04-07 New taxonomic reference entry Romero-Ortiz and Harvey, 2019