Nannowithius buettikeri (Mahnert, 1980)


Original combination: Myrmecowithius buettikeri


Taxonomic references

Myrmecowithius buettikeri

Mahnert, 1980c: 40–42, figs 23–28 original description

Nannowithius buettikeri (Mahnert):

Mahnert, 1988a: 68
Harvey, 1991a: 648
Mahnert, 1991: 192
Mahnert, 2009a: 40, plate 8
Harvey, 2015a: 343–344

Distribution table
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Type locality: Khushūm al Buwaybīyah (as Kushm al Buwaybiyat), Ar Riyād, Saudi Arabia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Khushūm al Buwaybīyah (peak) 25.166666 46.866666
Type repository
  • Holotype male (Basel); paratypes: 5 females (Basel, MNHG)

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