Pseudochiridium insulae Hoff, 1964


Original combination: Pseudochiridium insulae


Taxonomic references

Pseudochiridium insulae

Hoff, 1964c: 90–92, figs 1–4 original description
Muchmore, 1990a: 517
Harvey, 1991a: 445
Judson, 2007a: 49
Perez-Gelabert, 2008: 67
Barba D., 2013: 697–699, figs 1–5

Pseudochiridium aff. insulae Hoff:

von Schimonsky, Bichuette and Mahnert, 2014: 443–445, figs 2–3

Distribution table

Realm: Nearctic; Neotropic

Brazil (Bahia)?
Dominican Republic
US (Florida)
Type locality: Stock Island, Monroe County, Florida, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Stock Island 24.566666 -81.733333
Type repository
  • Holotype female (Illinois State Natural History Survey). Paratype: 1 male (Illinois State Natural History Survey).
Zoobank LSID


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