Calocheirus atopos Chamberlin, 1930


Original combination: Calocheirus atopos


Genus type of Calocheirus Chamberlin, 1930

Taxonomic references

Calocheirus atopos

Chamberlin, 1930: 607–608, fig. 2ll original description
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Calocheirus cf. atopos Chamberlin:

El-Hennawy, 2008: 118

Apolpiolum peregrinum Beier, 1963 -- synonymised by Mahnert, 1986c: 148 synonymised by Reference missing
Apolpiolum peregrinum
Beier, 1963f: 189–190, fig. 4 original description
Mahnert, 1974c: 378
Mahnert, 1980c: 33–35, fig. 1 (in part; see Calocheirus gracilis Mahnert) (synonymised by Mahnert, 1986c: 148)
Distribution table
Saudi Arabia
Type locality: near Port Sudan, Al Bahr Al Ahmar, Sudan.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Port Sudan 19.616666 37.216666
Type repository
  • Holotype male (BMNH, JC-524.01001)
Zoobank LSID


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