Chelifer (Chernes) godfreyi Kew, 1911


Original combination: Chelifer (Chernes) Godfreyi

Subgenus Chernes


Junior synonym of: Lamprochernes savignyi Simon, 1881

Taxonomic references

Chelifer (Chernes) godfreyi

Kew, 1911a: 42, fig. 2 original description
Standen, 1912: 11
Kew, 1916b: 78
Standen, 1917: 27
Kästner, 1928: 5 (synonymised with Chelifer celerrimus With by Muchmore, 1975d: 19)

Chelifer godfreyi Kew:

Stephens, 1912: 25

Chernes godfreyi (Kew):

Oldham, 1912: 299
Godfrey, 1927: 17
Savory, 1945: 181, 184

Lamprochernes godfreyi (Kew):

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Distribution table
Type locality: Petersham, England, United Kingdom. Newport, Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom. Hatfield, England, United Kingdom. South Norwood, England, United Kingdom. Oban, Scotland, United Kingdom. Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Newport; Petersham (not located) 51.583333 -3
2 Hatfield 51.766666 -0.216666
3 South Norwood 51.4 0.06666
4 Oban 56.416666 -5.466666
5 Rathmines 53.316666 -6.26666
Type repository
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2023-01-20 New taxonomic reference entry Oldham, 1912