Parahya submersa (Bristowe, 1931)


Original combination: Obisium submersum


Taxonomic references

Obisium submersum

Bristowe, 1931a: 465, figs 3–6 original description
Roth and Brown, 1976: 128

Parahya submersa (Bristowe):

Harvey, 1991a: 315
Harvey, 1991d: 288–290, figs 1–12
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Microcreagris sp.:

Bigot, 1992: 113

Parahya pacifica Beier, 1957 -- synonymised by Harvey, 1991d: 288 synonymised by Reference missing
Parahya pacifica
Beier, 1957d: 15–16, figs 4b, 5 (synonymised by Harvey, 1991d: 288) original description
Distribution table
Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia)
Indonesia (Sulawesi)
New Caledonia
Type locality: Singapore.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Singapore 1.333333 103.816666
Type repository
  • Lectotype male (BMNH 1931.8.1.12 and 1991.4.19.2); Paralectotype: 1 male (BMNH 1931.8.1.14 and 1991.4.19.1); 1 adult (BMNH 1931.8.1.14)
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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-06-18 New taxonomic reference entry Benavides, Cosgrove, Harvey and Giribet, 2019
2022-06-18 New taxonomic reference entry Hughes and Moore, 2018