Globochthonius Finnegan, 1932


Original name: Globochthonius

Genus type

No data available

Taxonomic references
Chthonius (Globochthonius)
Beier, 1931b: 54 (without valid type species); original description
Beier, 1932a: 54;
Beier, 1939d: 18;
Harvey, 1991a: 175.
Chthonius (Globochthonius) Finnegan, 1932
Finnegan, 1932: 34; original description
Harvey and Evenhuis, 2020: 624.

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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-07-03 New taxonomic reference entry Harvey and Evenhuis, 2020
2022-07-03 New taxonomic reference entry Finnegan, 1932
2022-07-03 Taxonomic reference update Beier, 1931
2022-07-03 Subgenus updated Old value