Taxa included

Hewitt, J. (1935). Scientific results of the Vernay-Lang Kalahari Expedition, March to September, 1930. The trap-door spiders, scorpions and solifuges.. Annals of the Transvaal Museum 16: 459–479.

Biton (Biton) betschuanicus (Kraepelin, 1908) (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 476, Daesia betschuanica Kraepelin
Hemiblossia kalaharica Kraepelin, 1908 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 476, Hemiblossia kalaharica Kraepelin
Solpuga bechuanica Hewitt, 1914 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 476, Solpuga bechuanica
Solpuga chelicornis Lichtenstein, 1796 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 476, Solpuga chelicornis Lichtenstein
Solpugema hostilis (White, 1846) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 476, Solpuga hostilis (White)
Zeria monteiri (Pocock, 1895) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 476, (as Solpuga monteiroi [sic]), Solpuga monteiri
Blossia obscura Kraepelin, 1908 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 477, Blossia obscura
Ceroma langi Hewitt, 1935 (Solifugae: Ceromidae) 477–478, fig. 1, Ceroma langi