Taxa included

Lawrence, R.F. (1953). A collection of African Solifugae in the British Museum (Natural History). Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 122: 955–972.

Rhagodes furiosus (C.L. Koch, 1842) (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 955, Rhagodes furiosus (C.L. Koch)
Rhagodes subaureus Roewer, 1933 (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 955, (synonymised by Birula, 1938: 22), Rhagodes subaureus
Rhagodes melanus (Olivier, 1807) (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 955, Rhagodes melanus (Olivier)
Rhagodoca ornata tenebrosa Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 956, Rhagodoca ornata tenebrosa
Rhagodoca phillipsii (Pocock, 1896) (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 956–957, (as Rhagodoca phillipsi), Rhagodoca phillipsii (Pocock)
Gylippus (Gylippus) cyprioticus Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Gylippidae) 957–959, figs 1a–b (as Gylippus cypriotica [sic]), Gylippus cyprioticus
Hemiblossia michaelseni Roewer, 1933 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 959, Hemiblossia michaelseni
Ceroma zomba Roewer, 1933 (Solifugae: Ceromidae) 959, Ceroma zomba
Hemiblossia bouvieri Kraepelin, 1899 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 959, Hemiblossia bouvieri
Hemiblossia brunnea Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 959–960, figs 2a–b, Hemiblossia brunnea
Biton fuchsi Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 961–962, fig. 2c (synonymised by Delle Cave and Simonetta, 1971: 51), Biton fuchsi
Blossia tricolor Hewitt, 1914 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 961, Blossiola tricolor (Hewitt)
Biton (Biton) hottentottus (Kraepelin, 1899) (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 961, Bitonella hottentotta (Kraepelin)
Zeriassa lawrencei Roewer, 1933 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 962, Zeriassa lawrencei
Zeriassa spinulosa Pocock, 1898 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 962, Zeriassa spinulosa
Zeriassa inflexa fuchsi Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 963–965, fig. 3a, Zeriassa inflexa fuchsi
Zeriassa intermedia Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 963, Zeriassa intermedia
Zeriassa longicornis Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 965–966, fig. 3b (synonymised by Simonetta and Delle Cave, 1968: 164), Zeriassa longicornis
Solpugassa furcifera jordani Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 966–967, fig. 4, Solpugassa furcifera jordani
Solpugista bicolor (Lawrence, 1953) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 967–969, figs 5a–b, Solpuga bicolor
Solpugyla centralis (Hewitt, 1927) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 967, Solpugyla centralis (Hewitt)
Solpuguna alcicornis (Kraepelin, 1914) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 967, Solpuguna alcicornis (Kraepelin)
Solpugyla darlingii (Pocock, 1897) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 967, (as Solpuga darlingi), Solpugyla darlingii (Pocock)
Zeria monteiri (Pocock, 1895) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 969, (as Solpuga monteiroi [sic]), Solpuga monteiri
Zeria recta (Hewitt, 1919) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 969, Solpuga recta Hewitt
Zeria venator (Pocock, 1897) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 969, Solpuga venator
Solpuga roeweri majora Lawrence, 1953 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 969, figs 6a–c, Solpuga roeweri majora
Zeria albistriata (Roewer, 1933) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 970, Solpuga albistriata
Zeria schweinfurthi (Karsch, 1880) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 970, Solpuga schweinfurthi
Zeria sericea (Pocock, 1897) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 970, Solpuga sericea
Zeria sulfuripilosa (Roewer, 1933) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 971, Solpuga sulfuripilis [sic] Roewer
Galeodes olivieri Simon, 1879 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 971, Galeodibus olivieri (Simon)