Rhagodes furiosus (C.L. Koch, 1842)


Original combination: Rhax furiosa

LSID urn:lsid:wac.nmbe.ch:name:1b17e40f-2507-47b0-8df2-6a4f42eaf003

Taxonomic references

Rhax furiosa

Koch, 1842: 354 original description
Koch, 1847: 91–92, fig. 1480
Koch, 1850: 97
Butler, 1873d: 417
124, Simon, 1879x (reference missing)
Moritz and Fischer, 1980: 142

Rhagodes furiosus (C.L. Koch):

Kraepelin, 1901a: 34–35
Roewer, 1933: 270
Roewer, 1941: 101
Zilch, 1946: 120
Lawrence, 1953: 955
Harvey, 2003c: 294

Distribution table
Type locality: Arabia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Arabia (IMPRECISE) 24 46
Type repository
  • Syntypes: 1 male, 2 female (ZMB 177)
Zoobank LSID



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