Eremochelis insignatus Roewer, 1934


Original combination: Eremochelis insignatus


Genus type of Eremochelis Roewer, 1934

Taxonomic references

Eremochelis insignatus

Roewer, 1934: 570–571, figs 322k, 324r, 325c, 327d original description
Zilch, 1946: 149
Muma, 1970a: 31–32
Muma, 1974a: 8
Muma, 1976: 19
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Hemerotrecha insignata (Roewer):

Muma, 1951: 108–110, figs 219–222

Therobates arcellus

Muma, 1962: 13–14, figs 68–71 (misidentification, females only)

Eremochelis arcellus (Muma):

Muma, 1976: 18

Therobates cameronensis Muma, 1951 -- synonymised by Muma, 1970a: 31
Therobates cameronensis
Muma, 1951: 90, figs 157–161 original description
Muma, 1962: 10
Muma, 1963: 1
Muma, 1966c: 210, 213–214 (synonymised by Muma, 1970a: 31)
Eremochelis cameronensis (Muma):
Muma, 1976: 19
Distribution table
US (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada)
Type locality: California, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 California (IMPRECISE) 37 -120
Type repository

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