Taxa included

Cushing, P.E., Casto, P., Knowlton, E.D., Royer, S., Laudier, D., Gaffin, D.D., Prendini, L. & Brookhart, J.O. (2014). Comparative morphology and functional significance of setae called papillae on the pedipalps of male camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 107: 510–520. doi:

Eremochelis insignatus Roewer, 1934 (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 512, figs 3e–f (as Eremochelis insignitus [sic]), Eremochelis insignatus
Solpugista bicolor (Lawrence, 1953) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 512, figs 2c–d, Solpugista bicolor (Lawrence)
Solpugyla darlingii (Pocock, 1897) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 512, figs 2a–b, Solpugyla darlingii (Pocock)
Eremobates pallipes (Say, 1822) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 512, figs 1a–b, 3a–b, 5b, 6c, Eremobates pallipes (Say)
Hemerotrecha sevilleta Brookhart and Cushing, 2002 (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 512, figs 3g–h, Hemerotrecha sevilleta
Chanbria rectus Muma, 1962 (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 512, figs 3c–d, Chanbria rectus
Karschia (Karschia) mastigofera Birula, 1890 (Solifugae: Karschiidae) 512, figs 4a–b, Karschia mastigofera
Solpuguna cervina (Purcell, 1899) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 512, figs 2g–h, Solpuguna cervina (Purcell)
Metasolpuga picta (Kraepelin, 1899) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 512, figs 2e–f, Metasolpuga picta (Kraepelin)
Zeria persephone Simon, 1879 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 512, figs 2i–j, Solpuga persephone (Simon)