Eremorhax mumai Brookhart, 1972


Original combination: Eremorhax mumai


Taxonomic references

Eremorhax mumai

Brookhart, 1972: 33–36, figs 2–4 original description
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Muma, 1976: 14
Harvey, 2002a: 451
Harvey, 2003c: 247–248
Brookhart and Brookhart, 2006: 302
González-Moliné, 2015: 5, fig. 18

Arenotherus mumai (Brookhart):

Brookhart and Muma, 1987: 6–7, figs 22–27
Brookhart and Brantley, 2000: 445, 446

Distribution table
US (Colorado, New Mexico)
Type locality: Boone, Pueblo County, Colorado, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Boone 38.25 -104.25
Type repository
  • Holotype, Paratypes (AMNH)

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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-09-17 New taxonomic reference entry González-Moliné, 2015