Paratemnoides Harvey, 1991


Original name: Paratemnoides

Gender: n/a


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Genus type

Chelifer guineensis Ellingsen, 1906, by original designation.

Taxonomic references
Harvey, 1991a: 469 (replacement name for Paratemnus Beier, 1932b) original description

Trinidadatemnus Tooren, 2008 -- Judson, 2016: 73
Tooren, 2008: 435 (synonymised with Paratemnoides Harvey, 1991, by Judson, 2016: 73) original description
Paratemnus Beier, 1932 -- Reference missing
Beier, 1932b: 562–563 original description
Beier, 1932e: 33
Morikawa, 1960: 137
Murthy and Ananthakrishnan, 1977: 125
Sivaraman, 1980c: 345–346 (junior homonym of Paratemnus Ameghino, 1904)
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