Mundochthonius pacificus (Banks, 1893)


Original combination: Roncus pacificus


Taxonomic references

Roncus pacificus

Banks, 1893: 66 original description

Lechytia pacifica (Banks):

Banks, 1895a: 13
Coolidge, 1908: 114

Mundochthonius pacificus (Banks):

Schuster, 1968: 137–139, figs 1–6
Harvey, 1991a: 191–192

Not Lechytia pacifica (Banks):

Chamberlin, 1925b: 337 (misidentification; see Lechytia hoffi)
Chamberlin, 1929a: 77, figs 1g, 3c, 3f (misidentification; see Lechytia hoffi)
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Hoff, 1963a: 2 (misidentification; see Lechytia hoffi)
Zeh, 1987b: 1086 (misidentification; see Lechytia hoffi)

Distribution table

Realm: Nearctic

US (California, Idaho, Washington)
Type locality: Olympia, Thurston County, Washington, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Olympia 47.033333 -122.9
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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