Lagynochthonius chamorro (Chamberlin, 1947)


Original combination: Tyrannochthonius chamorro


Taxonomic references

Tyrannochthonius chamorro

Chamberlin, 1947b: 305–308, figs 1a–f original description
Harvey, 1991a: 206–207 (as Tyrannochthonius chamarro [sic])
Sato, 1994a: 173

Tyrannochthonius (Tyrannochthonius) chamorro Chamberlin:

Beier, 1957d: 9–10

Lagynochthonius chamorro (Chamberlin):

Edward and Harvey, 2008: 280

Distribution table

Realm: Oceania

Northern Mariana Islands
Type locality: Oka Point (as Oca Point), Guam.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Oka Point 13.5 144.766666
Type repository
  • Holotype female (JC-2067.05001); Paratype: 1 deutonymph (CAS?, JC-2067.03001)
Zoobank LSID


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