Paratemnoides feai (Ellingsen, 1906)


Original combination: Chelifer (Atemnus) Feae


Taxonomic references

Chelifer (Atemnus) feae

Ellingsen, 1906: 246–248 original description
Ellingsen, 1910a: 357–358 (in part; see Paratemnoides ellingseni)

Chelifer feae Ellingsen:

Ellingsen, 1912b: 79, 90–91 (in part; see Paratemnoides ellingseni)

Paratemnus feae (Ellingsen):

Beier, 1932b: 571–572
Beier, 1932e: 42, figs 33, 49
Roewer, 1937: 283

Paratemnus feai (Ellingsen):

Vachon, 1956: 2–3

Paratemnoides feai (Ellingsen):

Harvey, 1991a: 470

Not Chelifer feae Ellingsen:

Ellingsen, 1913a: 452 (misidentification; see Paratemnoides ellingseni)
Godfrey, 1927: 18 (misidentification; see Paratemnoides ellingseni)

Distribution table

Realm: Afrotropic

Cape Verde
Type locality: near Praia, Praia, San Tiago, Cape Verde.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Praia 14.916666 -23.5
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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