Caffrowithius aethiopicus (Beier, 1944)


Original combination: Adelphochernes aethiopicus


Genus type of Adelphochernes Beier, 1944

Taxonomic references

Adelphochernes aethiopicus

Beier, 1944: 196–197, fig. 16 original description

Anepsiochernes aethiopicus (Beier):

Beier, 1947b: 339

Plesiochernes aethiopicus (Beier):

Beier, 1955c: 555

Caffrowithius aethiopicus (Beier):

Mahnert, 1982e: 705
Harvey, 1991a: 549
Judson, 1997a: 8
Beron, 2002: 37

Distribution table

Realm: Afrotropic

Type locality: Djem-Djem Forest (as Djem-Djem Wald), Oromia, Ethiopia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 ca. 60 km W. of Addis Ababa 9.05 38.2
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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