Parobisium anagamidense (Morikawa, 1957)


Original combination: Neobisium (Parobisium) anagamidensis


Taxonomic references

Neobisium (Parobisium) anagamidense

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Neobisium anagamidense Morikawa:

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Parobisium anagamidense (Morikawa):

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Sato and Yamamoto, 2000: 666 (as Parobisium anagamidensis)
Yamamoto, Nakagoshi and Touyama, 2001: 597, 599 (as Parobisium anagamidensis)

Distribution table

Realm: Palearctic

Type locality: Anagami-dô Cave, Yoshikawa-mura, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Estimated from 33.433333 132.683333
Type repository

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